Akdeniz Üniversitesi


The Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition has been active since its establishment in 1983. The department offers undergraduate and graduate level education and research opportunities for individuals seeking career in soil, water and environmental sciences related to water and land management.

The department’s research areas include plant nutrition, fertilizers and fertilization, soil fertility, organic farming, fertilization in soilless culture, soil chemistry, soil survey and mapping, land use planning, soil physics, soil and water conservation, and soil biology. Related to these subjects, studies are conducted on determination of nutrient status and deficiencies in various plants, preparation of fertilization programs, environmental pollution and protection of agricultural lands, determination and mapping of various soil groups in Western Mediterranean region, soil classification and prediction of crop yield by satellite data. The department’s soil and plant analysis laboratories, and cartography and remote sensing laboratory are in service with modern tools and instruments.

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